Construction and Assembly Manager

We are currently seeking a full-time Construction and Assembly Manager.

Job Summary:

The Machine Construction and Assembly Manager will be part of the team responsible for constructing and assembling the first tapered spiral forming machine for the production of utility scale wind turbine towers.  They will have the opportunity to be involved in the build out of Keystone’s large-scale machine assembly and construction operation.  They will lead a team of technicians in assembling very large (30+ tons) precision machine modules for the automated forming and welding of steel plate over 1” thick.  They will work closely with the design team to plan and execute construction. 

Job Duties:

  • Manage assembly operations, including developing assembly plans with design engineers, ensuring quality program compliance, planning and executing heavy lifts of precision machinery, and executing operations safely
  • Run the day to day operations of the assembly shop
  • Manage shop staff, including fabricators, machinists, electrical and hydraulic techs, and assembly personnel
  • Oversee in-house machine construction operations
  • Build out and maintain inventory of machine parts, materials, tooling, and equipment

Required Education, Training, Knowledge, and Experience:

  • Running or managing a shop, including shop staff
  • Maintaining schedules and meeting deadlines
  • Working with engineers and designers
  • Experience with machine elements:  linear guides, bearings and rotating machinery, critically loaded bolted joints, hydraulics, electrical systems
  • Managing inventory  
  • Experience lifting, fixturing, and assembling large equipment
  • Any experience with metal forming or rolling equipment is a plus
  • Production machining and welding experience
  • Able to read and interpret geometric dimension and tolerancing to ASME Y14.5

Competencies and Characteristics:

  • Prioritize safety above all
  • Organization and quality oriented
  • Able to independently develop and run processes for efficient assembly and construction operations
  • Able to follow plans and stay on schedule
  • Able to work with designers to give and receive feedback to improve assembly processes or production equipment

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to