machine schematic

Keystone’s system combines the required steps for tower shell manufacturing into a single, highly automated continuous manufacturing process. 100% automated NDT inspections is available as an option.

facility layout

A factory using Keystone’s process can be much smaller and higher throughput than an equivalent can production line. Coil processing can be performed at the facility or off-site.


Dramatic increases in manufacturing efficiency

Keystone’s manufacturing process can produce towers at three times the rate of conventional can welding lines with 80% less labor. A Keystone mill can be installed at an existing tower factory to significantly increase throughput, or new green-field factory can be built at greatly reduced capital cost per production capacity. Production costs can be reduced by 20%+ through increased labor efficiency, reduced steel costs through use of coil, and improved quality control.


Simple integration

Keystone’s spiral welded towers are simple drop-in replacements for today’s can welded towers. Keystone has completed spiral-equivalent tower designs for most leading turbine manufacturers, and our automated spiral tower design tools enable tower designers to quickly develop new spiral tower plans for any turbine or hub-height.