Tall towers allow turbines to reach stronger winds, dramatically increasing energy capture, lowering the cost of energy, and expanding the regions where wind projects can be profitably developed.




Today, towers must stay below about 14 feet (4.3m) in diameter in order to be shipped to the project site. Because of this constraint, towers taller than 80m become very difficult to design and expensive to produce.
By shipping steel as flat sheets, and fabricating towers at the wind project, Keystone can produce towers in excess of 7m in diameter. These large diameters enable low-cost welded steel towers to reach hub-heights to 180m and beyond.


Keystone has designed optimal high hub-height towers up to 180m. These site-produced towers are low-cost, have a production time that matches erection schedules and can be erected with today’s crane technology.
Keystone has fully designed an on-site production facility that includes all processes needed for fabrication of wind towers. The facility can be deployed in one month, and is cost-effective for wind plants with 15 towers or more.